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Second Annual Fundraiser - "Voices of Boys and Men"Apr 21, 2013
Scullers Jazz Club,
Boston, MA

Rite of Passage Adventure Weekend (ROPA)
Aug 9-11, 2013
Dummerston, VT

Mentor Development - Reclaiming Your Teenage Fire (RTF)
May 3-5, 2013
Plymouth, CT

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New England Hosts Fifth ROPA!
Dummerston, VT | August 2012

New England Mentor Development - Reclaiming Your Teenage Fire
Plymouth, CT | April 2012

Fantastic Fundraiser!
Boston, MA | April 2012

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by Earl Hipp

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Immense Possibilities
April 2012 Video Clip
Craig McClain talks about guiding boys to a healthy adulthood

Why Work of Mentors Pushes Back Against Bullying
Daily Hampshire Gazette,
July 11, 2010

Group Helps Boys Grow Up Strong, Expressive
Greenfield Recorder,
March 16, 2010

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Boys To Men New England -
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Reclaiming Your Teenage Fire - May 2-4, 2014 - More Information on the RTF!
Schedule, directions and other details available here.
Camp Mattatuck - Plymouth, CT

Rite of Passage Weekend - Aug 2014 - More Information on the ROPA!
Schedule, directions and other details COMING SOON.
Green Mountain Camp-Dummerston, VT


Fifth Annual Rite of Passage Weekend - Aug 10-12, 2012
ROPA Flyer | More Info

Dear Boys to Men Community,

I’m proud and moved to share with you that Boys to Men New England just hosted its fifth annual Rite of Passage Adventure (ROPA) in Dummerston, Vermont, on the weekend of August 10-12.  In what has become tradition, it was a gathering from many BTM communities, with the 24 participating boys and a staff team of 60 adults and 21 JourneyMen making their way from Canada, New York State, New England, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, and beyond.  One mentor even traveled from Alaska to join us!

The Boys came to meet us in the woods of southern Vermont where they discovered who they truly are and perhaps more importantly, clearly called out the challenges and obstacles they face on their journey toward the man they want to become.   The staff and the Boys rose to the challenge and were unfazed by two days of pouring rain that culminated in a powerful talisman ceremony for our 24 new JourneyMen on Saturday night.  They stepped on to their path, armed with a deeper sense of self and a community of loving men and JMen to walk that path with.  Several fathers have already said that they and their sons would be back to staff next year!

Thank you to all who worked so hard for months beforehand to create this ROPA.  What a privilege it is for me to be part of Boys to Men New England, and I am honored to continue this amazing journey with you all!  What a terrific community we are!

Jeremy Richman
Executive Director

Second Annual Boys to Men April 21, 2013 Fundraiser
"Voices of Boys and Men" | Scullers Jazz Club

Wahoo! Fantastic April 22, 2012 Fundraiser - CLICK HERE to see photos
"Voices of Boys & Men" [View Program Listing]

Benefit Concert for Boys to Men New England - Scullers Jazz Club

Thanks to all who made this exceptional event possible... Fantastic performers, beautiful music and spoken word, a great cause, friends and family.

Still accepting donations to support our work! Please see
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Boys to Men New England Fundraiser

BTMNE thanks...
Spirit of Change
Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA

for sponsoring this benefit!

Download the flyer! | See the Press Release!


4th Annual Boys To Men New England ROPA - August 2011

Boys to Men New England hosted its 4th annual regional Rite of Passage Adventure Weekend (ROPA) in Dummerston, VT. We congratulate the 25 boys who have now earned the right to be called JourneyMen (JMen) in our Boys to Men circles! These young men had great courage, telling the truth about themselves, facing challenges and taking the first bold steps to claiming the man that they will become. It was a gift to learn about the hardships that some of these young men have already overcome and to hear about the vibrant hopes they each have for their futures.

It was also an honor to have 55 men and 19 Journeymen join us as members of the staff team this year. Our New England community was joined by men and JMen from NY, NJ, MD, DE, AZ and 4 cities in Canada. The dedication and care that they each showed made this year's ROPA one of the smoothest run that many of our veteran staff have ever been a part of. We had a strong planning team and an experienced leader team who all began this year with a clear focus on the kind of shift that we wanted this event to make in our world. It was truly a blessing to see so many of those intentions come true for the new JourneyMen and for the staff team as well. Each of the men who mentored has helped them along their path.

As we move forward, we are committed to continually learn and to improve our ability to deliver on the promise of Boys to Men. The most important of these promises is to provide all our JourneyMen with ongoing JourneyMen groups (JGroups). We will be welcoming our new JMen to our existing JGroups, and even creating new JGroups to provide each of them with continued support and inspiration.

I extend my continued heartfelt thanks to everyone involved with Boys to Men New England. Each parent, mentor, staff member and JMan, whether they came to the ROPA or not, contributed to making our 2011 ROPA a truly awesome event!

Jeff Kidman
Executive Director
Boys to Men New England

Boys to Men is one of the best options available to adolecent and young teen boys.
-Noah, age 15
Read all that Noah has to say!


When we invest in our future and give every boy and girl the support they need to grow into compassionate, loving, creative, energetic women and men.

When we give every boy and girl a safe, nurturing environment where they know they are loved, listened to, valued and feel important.

When we give every girl and boy a safe, meaningful rite of passage into manhood/womanhood where they can:

  • Discover their greatness.
  • Make conscious decisions about what kind of woman/man they want to be.
  • Understand, respect, and appreciate themselves as young men/women.
When we give every boy and girl a community of compassionate, caring, supporting guides, role models and mentors.

When we give every boy and girl the support they need to find and achieve their dreams.

Imagine what kind of world that will be?

The Vision

Our vision is Communities of Men
all over New England
who Teach, Support,
Mentor, and Encourage Boys
To become Compassionate,
Accountable men.

The Mission

To raise awareness about the challenges facing
boys, and to motivate caring adult males to provide
boys with mentoring and modeling
so that they learn integrity, accountability,
compassion and respect
and guide them
toward healthy manhood.

Who We Are

The Boys to Men New England Mentoring Network guides boys 12-17 years of age through their passage to manhood. We provide boys with mentoring and modeling so that they learn integrity, accountability, compassion and respect. We help boys develop responsibility and guide them toward healthy manhood.

Why There's a Need

The challenge for boys in today's world is greater than ever. Boys have too few positive role models and far too many negative examples of masculinity. Gangs, drugs, Internet pornography, and teen pregnancies compound this critical time in a young man's life. Too many good boys get caught up in a path they may not have chosen if they had a mentor to help see options, weigh consequences and make positive choices.

  • Divorce rates are over 50%
  • Over 40% of families are single parent with mom as head of the household.
  • Boys are seeking honor and respect through threats and acts of violence. When a young man takes a risk, he is begging for attention.
  • Use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs continues to be a rite of passage for many boys.
  • Boys suffer from sadness, fear and anger in a culture of cruelty and are taught not to express their feelings
  • Fewer healthy mature men are taking on a mentoring role to guide and nurture boys

What We Are About


  • Build self esteem
  • Provide a unique and safe place where boys can interact with committed, conscientious men
  • Encourage boys to be men of honor. To seek and speak the truth.
  • Help boys discover and develop their individual strengths, talents and gifts.
  • Mentor positive male role models
  • Challenge boys to live lives of responsible action and make a meaningful impact in the world.
  • Teach boys how to resolve conflicts and ask for forgiveness.
  • Support boy's dreams to find a personal mission
  • Praise the greatness in each boy.
  • Give our boys hope, confidence and courage.

Our program addresses core issues facing adolescent boys.

Boys act out for a reason. Once that reason is revealed, they are better able to make conscious choices.