3rd Annual Boys To Men New England ROPA  – EXCEPTIONAL! –

ROPAW New England 2010 group photo

August 13-15, 2010 - Dummerson, Vermont

Boys to Men New England hosted its 3rd annual regional Rite of Passage Adventure Weekend (ROPA) in Dummerston, VT with boys from Canada, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, New Jersey, DC and Florida. We had staff from all of those areas except Florida. In addition, we had staff from North Carolina, Georgia, Minnesota and California. It was the 2nd MEGA-ROPA in the region and the largest event ever in the 14 year history of Boys to Men. We initiated 34 boys with a brilliant staff container of 87, which included 60 men and 27 Journeymen (boys on their path from boyhood to manhood). This year we were also blessed and nurtured by a dedicated Production/Kitchen Team of 10 men, for a total weekend container of 131. This was up from a combined total of 97 Boys and staff in 2009. The weather was perfect and the 34 boys showed great courage in sharing their truths. The safe space the boys needed was created by the men and JMen on staff by modeling what it was like by taking off their masks and sharing their truths. Boys learned that they could trust men and learned what it was like to be open and honest. They also learned about integrity and accountability, two cornerstones of the Boys to Men program. They took a look at what was not working in their lives and what kind of men they wanted to be. In addition to challenging the boys we also made time for play. There was some amazing drumming sessions as well. On Saturday night there was a Feast to honor these boys and then a ceremony to celebrate them as new Journeymen.

We are in awe of these boys and what they bring to these weekends. They challenge themselves to find new ways to step into and live from their truth. In the process, all of the men and JMen gain a greater clarity of their own purpose and mission. The transformations experienced over a period of less than 48 hours are nothing short of a miracle.

Together, we are indeed changing the world.