Reclaiming Your Teenage Fire
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RTF flyer image 1 Reclaiming Your Teenage Fire and mentor training, an intensive weekend discovery workshop designed for men interested in mentoring and empowering their teenage spirit.

Being a teenager is tough enough.
Being a teenager when positive male role models are scarce, is even tougher.

Have you considered exploring how you can make a difference in a young man's life?

Are you raising a son?

Do you want to take an active role in the healthy development of today's young men?

Reclaiming Your Teenage Fire is an intensive one-and-a-half-day workshop that has you re-explore your teenage years.

Hidden insecurities and wounds come to the surface and are healed, as the teenage fire within you re-ignites.

Throughout the weekend, your inner mentor awakens and you take action towards leaving a proud legacy for today's young men.

What You Will Learn

  • How to be the change you wish to see in the world
  • What inhibits your leadership in life
  • How to reconnect with your inner teenager
  • Ways to better understand teens
  • Steps to successful mentoring
  • Typical scenarios: What to expect; how to deal with them

How You Will Benefit

  • By identifying areas where you can make positive contributions to society
  • Through discovering the legacy you wish to leave for future generations
  • Having the opportunity to give back to a young man what you never got
  • By fulfilling your inherent desire to help and finding new ways to do it

View the Events page for details on our next
Reclaiming Your Teenage Fire training.