To me, Boys to Men (BTM) is one of the best options available to adolecent and young teen boys. When boys begin to reach puberty, there are many choices facing them; most, if not all, will have major influences on their later life. So it is important to make good choices when they are available.
     BTM is there to help. While some boys will turn to drugs, alcohol, violence, or other destructive stuff, others can turn to BTM. The men in the program have all grown up and have gone through many of the same choices that the boys face. They can give insight as to what happened for them, and help the boys make the choice that is right for them.
     Middle and high school can be stressful. Sports, dances, friends, relationships, the work itself, you know the drill. There is a lot of stress and BTM is a very good outlet for it. There are men to listen to you, peers to comment, and help all around. You know you can trust everyone there because of the contracts and everything else, so you can share whatever you need or want.
     BTM is a great choice for young boys facing the difficulties of growing up.
- Noah, age 15, Massachusetts

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